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05 Apr 2024

Site visit with a view

I recently attended a project which is finally on site and having windows and doors installed by our partners Skyglaze and Prism Glass.

This view is from the scaffold on the Pool House. I would love this view.


10 Dec 2023

Leaf House time lapse video.

When you see a project that you have spent months and months working on, squeezed into a video of only 2mins, you wonder why it felt so difficult to get it across the line. This project was months in the making. We were very proud to have supplied 99% of the glazing including the roof lights through our partners Skyglaze and Trombe. The most challenging part was the curved sliding doors but even that now is a distant memory.

It was worth it though. It looks amazing and we cant wait for more images to come out about this project in the coming months.

The architect was Michaelis Boyd Architects and the builder JFB.

12 Jun 2023

The last piece is in – Curved sliding doors

We have finally fitted the last piece of glass in an amazing project we are working on with Michaelis Boyd Architects. More will be revealed in the coming months but for now we are just relieved to have fitted the last of the curved glass in, on the last of 3 curved sliding doors, that have been supplied by our partner Skyglaze

20 Feb 2023


Venturi are proud to announce our new partnership with RP Technik.

@rp_technik are the leading system provider of steel window and door systems for both residential and commercial use.

The Fineline 70 system is the slimmest steel system on the market and the facade and door systems are fire-rated up to EI120 and bullet resistant.

We are excited to be the exclusive specification representative working alongside @bmsteel , the UK distributor of RP Technik profiles and accessories.

30 Nov 2022

One of our projects will feature in tonights Grand Designs RIBA House of the year program.

We are very excited that one of the projects we worked on with Wellington Glazing designed by Surman Weston Architects will feature on tonights episode of Channel 4’s Grand Designs House of the Year program.

The project is nowadays known as Surbiton Springs but was known by another name when we worked on it. The project features slim steel thermally broken glazing with fixed and opening elements including 2 sets of French doors on one facade.

Fingers crossed it makes the shortlist, but even if it does not, we are immensely proud to have worked on it.

23 Sep 2022
11 Mar 2022

Private House – London

Working with dMFK, Venturi UK proposed a minimal glazing solution in Secco OS2 powder coated steel. With operable windows at 2800mm in height, the system offers unequalled elegance with industry leading weather performance. Set within the Highgate Conservation Area, the brief was to design a contemporary structure with a eye to the Arts & Craft vernacular. The glazing offers the client clean minimal lines and unobstructed views over Highgate Golf Club to the rear.

07 Feb 2022

Cornwall House with a view!

When Alex Michaelis of Michaelis Boyd Architects asked us to take a look at his house in Cornwall, because the doors were sticking and needed replacing, we jumped to meet the challenge. It was very apparent that the doors needed changing but for what? Skyglaze Ltd, our partner, were able to offer a system that allowed for easy replacement of the bottom track and wheels and which would not require the doors to be lifted out at any time. Should the stainless steel wheels ever become an isse in this marine high salty environment, then it will be fairly easy to replace sections of the bottom track and alleviate the issue. We don’t expect that to ever be necessary but Alex was happier knowing it was an easy remedy, should it be needed.

Alex said the guys did an “amazing job” and so now we can look forward to working a lot more with Alex and the practice (we hope).

03 Feb 2022

Bronze doors in Bloomsbury

We were contacted by Architects Hutchinson & Partners Ltd back in July 2020 wanting help on a refurbishment project to Victoria House in central London.

They required help to specify a Bronze door with fixed panels to an internal space in this Grade II Listed office building. The Secco EBE system in Architectural Bronze was recommended and was quoted and eventually manufactured and supplied by an approved manufacturer Wellington Glazing.

The door features invisible hinges and a bespoke architectural bronze clad handle and auto closers. Although this is an internal doors the EBE system can take triple glazing and is suitable for external use also.

22 Oct 2021

Farm St – Mayfair

Venturi UK were contacted by MSMR Architects at the concept stage of this prestigious project in the heart of Mayfair. The brief was to provide a contemporary aesthetic using the externally opening Uniform Executive composite window system. The bespoke sand blasted pattern applied to the bottom of each glazing unit mirrors the intricate brick façade. The façade is punctuated vertically by an impressive bay window structure which incorporates glass to glass corners.

15 Oct 2021

Country House SW England

Venturi UK were contacted Baxter Green Architects at the concept stage of this scheme. The brief was to restore and extend a Country Mansion in Southern England to provide the client with a country house which kept many of it’s original features. With considerate design and an eye on feature details, the client selected Secco OS2 75.
The system provides a high performance solution,  with minimal frames and high structural rigidity which provided an incredibly elegant glazing solution throughout the scheme.

The gothic arch doors  provided by JFAN UK Ltd have given the client the wow factor they desired, maximising the light coming into the building and minimising the obstructions to the view across the valley.

13 Mar 2020

Harella House – Piercy & Company

Venturi UK were contacted by Piercy & Co to advise on potential solutions to replace the existing ageing steel windows on an office refurbishment on Goswell Road. It was concluded that to replace the windows on a like for like basis with non thermally broken steel units would not provide adequate thermal performance, and the frames would suffer condensation during winter.

After consideration, Secco OS2 65 was selected and approved by planning as it retained the required aesthetic, whilst meeting modern thermal and acoustic standards. The project was completed in March 2020 and is awaiting it's new tenants.

07 Oct 2019

Contemporary House in the Heart of Hampstead

We were approached by Square Feet Architects in September 2017 to assist with the glazing to a high end private residential property in Hampstead. The client’s brief was for the architect to build their contemporary dream home. With this in mind Square Feet Architects researched the market thoroughly, before selecting the Secco Sistemi range of products.

The meeting that followed established the need for a high performing system with slim sight lines in an architectural bronze finish and with 25mm wide plant on dividers. As a consequence the Secco OS2 65 system was selected. The clients preference for door height tilt and turn windows eliminated the need for lock box profiles to be applied, thus maintaining a slim aesthetic throughout the property. In addition Secco’s market leading thermal break technology enabled the 2.7m tall windows shown on the architects concept drawings to be realised. The collaborative effort between Square Feet Architects, Venturi UK, the approved fabricator and the main contractor M H Costa has delivered exactly what the client demanded.

Photography by Paul Smoothy – Architectural Photographer

31 Jan 2018

Berry Bros. & Rudd Bronze doors

Mowat & Company architects were commissioned to design the new flagship store for Berry Bros. & Rudd in Pall Mall.  As London’s longest established wine merchant and with their new store literally around the corner from their historic home, it was important for the materials and finishes to communicate the quality that is synonymous with the Berry Bros.& Rudd brand.
As a consequence, Mowat & Company decided to use the Secco OS2 system, in architectural bronze, as a key feature within the store.  The slim sight lines and excellent thermal performance, made the Secco OS2 system the perfect choice for the three double door sets, to the chilled fine wine cabinet, at the rear of the store.  The use of the OS2 system with thermally efficient plant on glazing bars and matching architectural bronze lock boxes and lever handles adds to experience already enjoyed by Berry Bros. & Rudd customers.

Alex Mowat says “In designing the new store we looked to ways in which products and materials could be both modern and match the tradition of high quality and excellent service of the client’s brand. We selected Secco for quality and Venturi for their service. A great combination! “

20 Mar 2017

Mayfair Hotel – London

Supplied back in late 2015 the Mayfair Hotel in Stratton St Mayfair, London features the Secco OS2 slim steel system.

The architects, Ettwein Bridges needed a slim heritage steel product but thermally broken to meet modern building requirements. Most of the glazing is fairly straight forward but one screen in particular created a bit of a challenge.

The curved screen had to be ‘flipped round’ due to it being an internally glazed system to allow for glazing and deglazing in case of damage in the future. Although uncommon this can be done with careful design and manufacture to ensure the water tightness is kept.

The system was finished in a special bronze effect polyester powder coat paint to fit in with the local architecture.

10 Jan 2017

Philipp Plein – New Bond St

Househam Henderson Architects were commissioned to design this retail outlet for Philipp Plein for their New Bond Street store. In keeping with the exclusive nature of the Philipp Plein brand, the architect wanted to use the high quality EBE 65 painted steel shop front system from Secco Sistemi. The use of steel sections ensured that the glazed area was maximised facilitating the best view of the merchandise within

08 Oct 2016

St Michaels St – Oxford

Riarch Architects – Oxford, were commissioned to refurbish a city centre office in Oxford which had a dated Crittall façade that provided very little thermal performance or sound insulation from the busy street below.

The concept was to give the building a replacement façade with a thermally slim broken steel product offering building regulation compliant performance with elegant lines and features.

The resulting works have transformed the office into a sharp contemporary looking building, befitting of the location in Oxfords historic city centre.

The Bronze windows and doors were fabricated and installed by approved fabricator Wellington Glazing

12 Mar 2015

Roundhouse Grand Designs Project – new images #fb #in

When Peter Berkin first contacted us about supplying a couple of folding doors to his house we had no idea it was going to be such an interesting project and journey.
The initial meeting around the kitchen table was informal and fact finding on both sides. Peter and Chard explained they were building a new house in their large garden and that the build would be filmed and featured on Grand Designs.

It was quickly realised we had so much more to offer than a couple of bifold doors and working with Peter’s architect we came up with a compliant spec for the rest of the glazing also.

The circular design of the building is quite unique and the main entrance and 3 extremely large picture windows are the first sign of the spectacular building you are about to see.
The central courtyard which is the most impressive, features at its centre, 4 sets of triple glazed bifold doors with angled fixed triple glazed elements above, as the building spirals upwards. The design of the brackets to support these windows was, in itself, quite a challenge.
The glazing featured is a triple glazed Scandinavian pine system, powder coated to the exact RAL colour required by the client and featuring both fixed and opening elements. Most of the opening elements are tilt and turn for excellent ventilation and easy cleaning but on the end of the building are some extremely large windows needing special design intent.
Here the wind load has to be dealt with by the frames and so a steel plate was introduced between the frames to cope with the static wind load. There is also a set of inward opening double doors to take maximum advantage of the view over open fields (we won’t mention the housing estate that sprung up!).

This was both a challenging and rewarding project to supply, as the finished building is beyond our expectations and the clients were, after Chard’s initial hard fought negotiation which would have been at home on a large contract in central London, great to work with and understanding of the things that do happen inevitably on a building site (one of the picture windows arrived with a cracked glass).


17 Feb 2015

Dun Laoghaire Library – Dublin

The Dun Laoghaire Library Project in Dublin is quite an impressive structure by Cork based architects Carr, Cotter & Naessens Architects.


The building makes a natural connection between the town and the Harbour. Clad in Granite the huge window frames have terrific views out over the sea. The ground floor windows feature Architectural Bronze frames, ideally suited to the marine environment and were manufactured locally by Gunn Lennon Fabrications (an approved Secco Sistemi fabricator).


The four-storey structure was built into the existing slope creating two ground floor areas and a pair of quieter upper levels, designed to offer a mixture of both social and intimate spaces.



The triple glazed lift and slide doors have a very high performance, Class 8A for Watertightness and up to 43dB for acoustic performance. The flush cill with integrated water drainage makes access easy for all.

12 Nov 2014

SECCO SISTEMI OS2 : slim frames and cutting- edge performances

The OS2 door and window system has been designed to interpret the spirit of National Heritage buildings and monuments. It recalls the slim frames of the traditional iron windows but can also perfectly fit in with more contemporary projects. In fact the thermal break OS2 system by Secco Sistemi has been studied to meet a specific requirement faced by architects involved in the restoration projects of National Heritage buildings and monuments. For the sake of stylistic coherence and often as an answer to a precise request from the Authorities for the Architectural Heritage, the new frames have to visually recall the traditional iron frames and their slim profiles. OS2 comes as the perfect answer to this aesthetic need and does allow to combine thin profiles and cutting-edge performances.
The story of OS2 begins in Venice The whole story begins with the restoration project of a 13th century palace located in the Dorsoduro area in Venice. The central section of the two wings windows had to be extremely thin to visually recall the original wooden windows. As a consequence, the Research and Development department of the Venetian company has designed a new system with minimal visible sections similar to those of the traditional iron windows: 47 mm for the lateral opening section and 62 mm for the central opening section. Thus the OS2 system does reproduce the shape of the traditional windows but it includes the most advanced technology. In fact the OS2 thermal break profiles offer the high standards of thermal insulation to meet the requirements of sustainable architecture. A flexible system to stimulate creativity To meet all the needs arising from the great diversity of projects and satisfy all the requests from the market, the OS2 range has been enlarged and has evolved. Today the range is provided in four different materials: - painted galvanized steel - stainless steel - brass (copper alloy OT67) - corten steel It encompasses 37 different profiles and three sub-systems to allow the maximum designing freedom. The designer can choose the best solution for the facade using flush or non-flush windows and visible or invisible openings. Furthermore all aspects have been cared for in the minimum details. OS2 profiles are so thin that Secco Sistemi has redesigned a complete range of dedicated accessories that includes glazing beads, handles, hinges and hardware. For exemple, only for the internal part of the frame, there is a choice of three different shapes for the glazing beads that may be: - square - grooved - triangular
OS2 and Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice For the restoration of the monumental complex of the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, the architect Tobia Scarpa had to comply with very specific requirements. The frames had to have the minimum visual impact and to recall the old wooden Venetian windows but they also had to guarantee very high thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. The architect has chosen the OS2 frames in burnished brass studied and produced in cooperation with Secco Sistemi Research and Development Laboratory. The final result is functional, efficient and in complete harmony with the architectural context even in the smallest details.
17 Sep 2014

Venturi UK supplies Grand Designs ‘ROUNDHOUSE’

Tonights (17-9-14) episode of Grand Designs featured the 'Roundhouse" in Milton Keynes where venturi UK supplied all the windows and doors back in August 2013. The house, an eco friendly, green roofed, triple glazed building is made from a timber frame around a central courtyard. Our windows, which have an average U Value of approx 0.8w/m2K, are made of Powder coated Scandinavian Pine with 3 layer argon filled glass. For more details use the contact us link