Contemporary House in the Heart of Hampstead

We were approached by Square Feet Architects in September 2017 to assist with the glazing to a high end private residential property in Hampstead. The client’s brief was for the architect to build their contemporary dream home. With this in mind Square Feet Architects researched the market thoroughly, before selecting the Secco Sistemi range of products.

The meeting that followed established the need for a high performing system with slim sight lines in an architectural bronze finish and with 25mm wide plant on dividers. As a consequence the Secco OS2 65 system was selected. The clients preference for door height tilt and turn windows eliminated the need for lock box profiles to be applied, thus maintaining a slim aesthetic throughout the property. In addition Secco’s market leading thermal break technology enabled the 2.7m tall windows shown on the architects concept drawings to be realised. The collaborative effort between Square Feet Architects, Venturi UK, the approved fabricator and the main contractor M H Costa has delivered exactly what the client demanded.

Photography by Paul Smoothy – Architectural Photographer