Trench Heating

Danish manufacturer Meinertz can provide two types of trench heater, a passive system with no moving parts, or a fan assisted solution where size is important but has to be matched by high performance.  Ideal for combating downdrafts from glazing or supplementing underfloor heating systems, trench heaters are an efficient way of heating without taking up wall space.

The Proline can be sold with or without a preformed trench in depths of 100mm to 200mm and in varying widths from 179mm to 659mm and lengths of up to 6m dependent on requirements and can even be curved if needed. Ideal for commercial or domestic applications, and so strong, you can drive a car over it.

When you only have the depth of a floor screed then our ultra slim fan assisted trench at only 59mm offers a solution like no other. The fan runs at 24volt, 1500rpm and a mere 25dB (similar to the noise a classic wristwatch makes) and is therefore able to be used in all areas, even bedrooms and libraries.