SECCO SISTEMI OS2 : slim frames and cutting- edge performances

The OS2 door and window system has been designed to interpret the spirit of National Heritage buildings and monuments. It recalls the slim frames of the traditional iron windows but can also perfectly fit in with more contemporary projects. In fact the thermal break OS2 system by Secco Sistemi has been studied to meet a specific requirement faced by architects involved in the restoration projects of National Heritage buildings and monuments. For the sake of stylistic coherence and often as an answer to a precise request from the Authorities for the Architectural Heritage, the new frames have to visually recall the traditional iron frames and their slim profiles. OS2 comes as the perfect answer to this aesthetic need and does allow to combine thin profiles and cutting-edge performances.
The story of OS2 begins in Venice The whole story begins with the restoration project of a 13th century palace located in the Dorsoduro area in Venice. The central section of the two wings windows had to be extremely thin to visually recall the original wooden windows. As a consequence, the Research and Development department of the Venetian company has designed a new system with minimal visible sections similar to those of the traditional iron windows: 47 mm for the lateral opening section and 62 mm for the central opening section. Thus the OS2 system does reproduce the shape of the traditional windows but it includes the most advanced technology. In fact the OS2 thermal break profiles offer the high standards of thermal insulation to meet the requirements of sustainable architecture. A flexible system to stimulate creativity To meet all the needs arising from the great diversity of projects and satisfy all the requests from the market, the OS2 range has been enlarged and has evolved. Today the range is provided in four different materials: - painted galvanized steel - stainless steel - brass (copper alloy OT67) - corten steel It encompasses 37 different profiles and three sub-systems to allow the maximum designing freedom. The designer can choose the best solution for the facade using flush or non-flush windows and visible or invisible openings. Furthermore all aspects have been cared for in the minimum details. OS2 profiles are so thin that Secco Sistemi has redesigned a complete range of dedicated accessories that includes glazing beads, handles, hinges and hardware. For exemple, only for the internal part of the frame, there is a choice of three different shapes for the glazing beads that may be: - square - grooved - triangular
OS2 and Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice For the restoration of the monumental complex of the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, the architect Tobia Scarpa had to comply with very specific requirements. The frames had to have the minimum visual impact and to recall the old wooden Venetian windows but they also had to guarantee very high thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. The architect has chosen the OS2 frames in burnished brass studied and produced in cooperation with Secco Sistemi Research and Development Laboratory. The final result is functional, efficient and in complete harmony with the architectural context even in the smallest details.