Cornwall House with a view!

When Alex Michaelis of Michaelis Boyd Architects asked us to take a look at his house in Cornwall, because the doors were sticking and needed replacing, we jumped to meet the challenge. It was very apparent that the doors needed changing but for what? Skyglaze Ltd, our partner, were able to offer a system that allowed for easy replacement of the bottom track and wheels and which would not require the doors to be lifted out at any time. Should the stainless steel wheels ever become an isse in this marine high salty environment, then it will be fairly easy to replace sections of the bottom track and alleviate the issue. We don’t expect that to ever be necessary but Alex was happier knowing it was an easy remedy, should it be needed.

Alex said the guys did an “amazing job” and so now we can look forward to working a lot more with Alex and the practice (we hope).