New Solutions coming in 2017 from Secco

At the recent BAU 2017 buildings exhibition in Munich, Germany, Secco Sistemi unveiled two new solutions to add to their already extensive catalogue of high performing glazed solutions.

The first is a new version of the already popular OS2 system, OS2 75. This new solution is a deeper OS2 allowing for triple glazed units to be used for the first time. The increased depth also allows for tilt and turn mechanisms to be used which was not possible in the previous OS2 solution. This now makes it possible to reach a U Value target of 1.1w/m2k.

Also on display for the first time was a new BiFold door in the OS2 75 profile. With a possible height of 2.9m and with 1m wide leafs this elegant solution has the slimmest frame profiles on the market for a biFold door as only 62mm. Being triple glazed makes it possible to reach a U Value target of 1.0w/m2k in a slim tall STEEL or BRONZE BiFold door for the first time.

Finally, Secco also showed a new blackened steel finish made from using a stainless steel raw material and an acid treatment to give this dark architectural finish.