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Steel windows have been used in buildings since the first glass panels were made and the frames would have been forged in the smithy. These days steel is revered by architects for its strength and slim profiles, often making it the preferred choice for glazing components in a building.

The excellent strength to weight ratio offered by steel or bronze sections mean it provides narrow nightlines and large elements meaning more glass and less frame.

No other material offers the same as Steel and Bronze for window and door systems.


Steel and bronze systems can be supplied in Double or triple glazing with high weather and acoustic performance. Systems are available as inward or outward opening, pivot and tilt and turn windows and also as inward/outward opening doors, sliding or bifold doors.

All systems are fully certified by the original system provider and manufactured in accordance with their guidelines to ensure high quality every time.

The "crittall" look is something many clients are striving for and most systems can offer this by way of true  or applied dividers. W20 is the original hot rolled profile but may struggle to reach the thermal requirements of modern regulations so is often only used in listed buildings or for internal partitions.

Where a better U value is needed there are now thermally broken solutions available. We can advise you on the best solution to meet your projects requirements.


Non thermally broken steel windows were introduced to the market at the start of the 20th century to offer large windows with minimal frames.

This profile is ideal for an internal door or partition and can be painted in an RAL colour.

Many listed buildings still use this type of system and so it continues to have its use throughout the world.




Modern buildings require modern solutions and so the thermally broken steel system was born.

These systems can take double or triple glazing and can be supplied as Doors, Windows, Pivots, Tilt and turn, Bifold, sliding and even a magnetic levitating door.

Available in materials such as Stainless Steel and Corten as well as the standard galvanised painted steel.

Thermally broken windows offer better U values for increased thermal performance and acoustic ability.





Architectural Bronze windows and doors are made from a Copper/Zinc alloy to best replicate the Bronze windows of the past. These alloys make the material more pliable and able to be made on an industrial level, thus more affordable.

Bronze windows will patinate naturally and do not require maintenance. Any small scratches disappear as the living material continues to adapt to the atmosphere it is placed in.

Bronze windows are available in both non thermally broken and thermally broken options and as inward or outward opening solutions, bifold doors and sliding doors.





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